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Search Suspended in Missing Person Case

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department has suspended a search for a University of South Carolina student, after a man fitting his description was found among shrubbery in the Quarry at Vulcan Materials Company.

Samuel Laundon, 19, was walking home with several friends in the Olympia-Granby area, when they got lost on Saturday around 2:30 a.m. Laundon jumped a fence in hopes of reaching his destination faster. When his friends called a ride-sharing service to take them home, Laundon declined to climb back over.

Authorities were not notified immediately of Laundon actions. On Saturday, around 1 p.m., a report was filed with RCSD that Laundon was missing.…

RCSD Investigates Officer-Involved Shooting

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department is investigating an officer-involved shooting at the request of the State Law Enforcement Division.

On Sunday, Sept. 13, RCSD was notified by the Rochester Police Department in Minnesota that a suspect wanted for a double murder was in the Columbia area. Officials with the agency said that Renard Lydell Carter (DOB: 10/23/90) had murdered his pregnant girlfriend and her 2-year-old daughter.

It is believed Carter had come to the Columbia area with the intent of killing an ex-girlfriend. RCSD deputies found the woman and moved her to a safe place.

RCSD continued to investigate Carter’s potential whereabouts while in Columbia, until he ended up in a room at the Aloft Columbia Harbison hotel (217 Lanneau Court). At that time, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department and SLED were notified, as the hotel is in Lexington County.

Officers with the Columbia Police Department, LCSD and SLED attempted to talk Carter out of the room from outside the door. During that time, Carter claimed to have an assault rifle in his possession and threatened to shoot officers.…

Former Deputy Arrested, RCSD Announces Position of Body Cam Reviewer

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announces the termination and arrest of former deputy sheriff Kyle Oliver, 29, on charges of assault and battery – third degree.

On Monday, Aug. 31, the department’s command staff was notified of an incident that took place on Jan. 7 involving then-deputy Oliver and a suspect who was in custody. After learning of the incident, Sheriff Lott ordered an immediate criminal investigation and a review of the body camera footage.

On Tuesday, the sheriff’s department consulted with the Fifth Circuit Solicitor’s Office, which resulted in the issuance of a warrant. On Wednesday, Oliver was arrested and booked into the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.…

Inmate Charged For Ordering Shootings From Prison

Sheriff Lott and Director Stirling hold news conference addressing additional charges filed against an inmate in prison.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott and S.C. Department of Corrections Director Bryan Stirling announced Tuesday that a South Carolina inmate has been charged with ordering shootings from behind prison walls.

Director Stirling renewed calls to allow states to jam cell phone signals in prisons and for Congress to pass the Cell Phone Jamming Reform Act, after Harvester Jackson, 27, was charged with accessory to attempted murder, accessory to discharging a firearm into a dwelling and accessory to arson. Jackson is an inmate at Kirkland Correctional Institution serving a 10-year sentence for armed robbery and burglary.…

‘Boogaloo’ Agitators of Columbia Riot Arrested

Joshua Barnard’s property

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced on June 4, 2020, the arrest of the man wearing the blue floral shirt that he sought to identify earlier in the week.

Joshua Barnard — 24 — was arrested on charges of breaking into a motor vehicle, looting, larceny, aggravated breach of peace and instigating a riot for his actions during the protest on Saturday, May 30.

Also, he was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession with intent to distribute a schedule I substance. He was booked into the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center on June 4, 2020.

On June 12, Sheriff Lott announced Barnard had been arrested for a second time in as many weeks. This time, Barnard was charged with 11 counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor. He was booked into the jail the same day.…

2 arrested in connection with assault on passerby during Columbia riot

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott and Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook announce the arrest of two men in connection with the assault of an innocent bystander during the riot of May 30.

Trechaun Belton — 02/09/99 — was arrested on charges of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, instigating a riot and aggravated breach of peace. Also, a 16-year-old has been arrested on charges of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, instigating a riot and aggravated breach of peace.

On May 30, the employee of an area business walked out to assess the situation taking place in The Vista. The staffer was attempting to determine if it was safe for employees to come to work.
While attempting to make a phone call, agitators in the crowd began accusing him of attempting to call the police. …