Citizens’ Advisory Council

The Citizens’ Advisory Council was formed in an effort to increase the department’s professional competence and accountability to the citizens of Richland County. Members review and comment on citizen complaints, disciplinary actions taken against deputies and/or employees, and internal policies and procedures, and then provide the Sheriff with an objective viewpoint.

The Citizens’ Advisory Council convenes approximately four (4) times a year or as requested by the Sheriff or his designee.

Duties of the council:

• Review citizens’ complaints against deputies and/or employees of the Sheriff’s Department.

• Review disciplinary actions against deputies and/or employees of the Sheriff’s Department.

• Review internal policies and procedures of the Sheriff’s Department.

The Citizens’ Advisory Council will then examine each case to determine if they feel the department’s actions are justified or unjustified. If the Citizens’ Advisory Council determines the department’s actions are unjustified, then Internal Affairs will be requested to revisit the case.

The Citizens’ Advisory Council is comprised of a diverse cross-section of Richland County residents, to include; ministers, retired military veterans, and community leaders. Members are appointed by the Sheriff and serve at his discretion. Service on the council is on a voluntary basis for an indeterminate period of time.

Current Council Members:

Mr. Wilbur Lewis, Chairman
Ms. Queen B. Bonaparte
Mr. Julio Soto-Perez
Dr. Lonnie Randolph
Reverend Charles E. Epps
Mr. Perry Bradley
Mr. Geoffrey Alpert
Mr. Freddie Brown
Dr. Raj Aluri
Mr. Fred Murphy
Mr. Chuck Archie
The Reverend Richard F. Dozier

Mr. John W. Hinks
Mr. Jaehoon Choe
Mrs. Raysa Sanchez
Mr. Robert J. O'Brien
Ms. Bryanta Maxwell
Ms. Nadia J. Muhammad
Ms. Ruby Thomas
Mr. Mike Sloan
Mr. George Goldsmith
Ms. DeAnna Bookert
Mr. Kayin Jones
Ms. Oveta Glover
Mr. Larry K. Salley