Internship Program

Internships are an extremely valuable opportunity for students, colleges and the Sheriff’s Department.

My passion is to help our future leaders be successful in the classroom and in their careers.

As an intern, you will be given the opportunity to go to different areas within the department and see how we operate in making Richland County a better place to live and work.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to having you intern with us.


Sheriff Leon Lott

Sheriff Lott

The Fall session is underway! Check back soon to find out when our next 9-week session begins! 

A. Application process:
1. Cover letter – personal statement on why you have chosen RCSD
2. Fill out application
3. Submit copies of the following documents:
— Copy of your unofficial transcripts
— Copy of birth certificate
— Copy of driver’s license or school ID
— Copy of high school diploma or GED certificate
4. Copy of Social Security Card
5. Being fingerprinted
6. Having a background check done
7. A polygraph test
If you are seeking to gain academic credit for your college or university, submit course requirements and number of hours you must complete.

B. Interns are required to participate in all areas of the program and complete an exit questionnaire prior to receiving your final timesheet/ completion paperwork for your class.

C. Areas within the department interns will rotate through include but are not limited to:
1. Training division
— Physical fitness
— Ground defense
— Firearms
2. Victim services
3. Gang unit
4. Criminal investigations
5. Patrol regions
6. Community Action Team
7. Lab
8. SRT/ K9

For more information about our Internship Program, please contact Deputy Josef Robinson by email or phone: 803-576-3491.

What are current interns saying about our program?

I attend the university of South Carolina and major in criminal justice. The last year and a half of my schooling was all virtual therefore I was looking for a way to connect to my field of interest. Over the summer I got accepted into the internship program at Richland County Sheriff's Department. For anyone interested in this field of work or study I highly recommend this program. Unlike most internships I was allowed hands on activities and firsthand experience. I was able to go on several ride-alongs, train at the training division, attend the aviation unit, and do much more in the other departments. Students looking to do this program will be amazed at all the opportunities that this department has to offer. Everyone at the department was very welcoming and I believe anyone that does this program will find something that clicks for them. 

The Richland County Sheriff's Department internship has shown me what local law enforcement really looks like and what it entails. This program will give you an up close look of all the different divisions within the department as well as the opportunity to make contacts and reach out to deputies. You spend a lot of time talking to command staff and deputies about their roles and duties which was very beneficial to me in helping decide which path I want to take. I would recommend this program for anyone that is interested in law enforcement because it provides so much exposure and will show you if you are truly wanting to pursue a career in the field.


"I enjoyed the internship program so much! I truly appreciate all of the effort and work you put into making this experience so fulfilling! I loved getting a chance to meet folks from the many units within the department, see them in action, and learn from them. The one thing that would have made the experience better would have been to see more on the rides. Each of the deputies I rode with were very professional and answered every question I threw at them. Although I enjoyed the rides I do not recommend interns riding to Region 8, as I feel I would have seen more in another region. Deputy White, however, made every attempt to provide an enjoyable experience! Deputies Moe and John (unsure of last names) were also very professional and encouraging."

"This internship has opened an entire new world to me. They did not just show the cool, "happy" bits, but also showed you what the real world is like. It gave me a realistic understanding of the struggles that some of our police officers go through on a daily basis, and therefore I have a much higher level of respect for them now. A fun fact about myself, is that I was actually quite scared of police when I started this internship. I was worried, like everyone else, what I would see or be told. I can tell you that Richland County is one of the best counties not only to work for, but also to be a citizen in. I would trust my life in the hands of every single officer I have met along the way without thinking twice about it. We did not only meet officers who work the road, but also those who work in specialized teams like the K9 unit, warrant division, and youth services as well. I am an honest believer that this internship can show you that every single person can find a career somewhere in Richland County's Sheriff department, and grow as a person because of it."

"My experience throughout this internship has been nothing but great! Every week I would look forward to my Tuesday’s and Thursday’s knowing that I had my internship. Everyone that has spoken to us from different units have been so kind, helpful, and nothing but welcoming towards us. I found that Deputy Robinson at any chance he could was trying to get the best opportunities for us and allowed us to make the most of this internship. I believe Deputy Robinson is what made me love this internship the most. Even on days where we were all tired, or in a bad mood, he always came in with a smile and made us all feel better and laughing. Deputy Robinson has a way of making every situation comfortable and always finding humor in it. Because of my great experience with this internship, I would do it all over again! Not only did I make new friends through my internship group, but I learned more about policing and what Richland County offers, as well as, making connections for my future career in law enforcement. I found this to be an amazing experience, and would recommend it to anyone who asks."

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