Have You Seen Me?

This page is updated Monday-Friday at 12pm. If you have seen of any these individuals, please contact Sr. Inv. J.P. Smith at (803) 576-1416.

Missing Juvenile Janiyah Singleton

Janiyah Singleton

Janiyah Singleton (DOB: 04/28/2010) was last seen on Lincoln Park Dr. Columbia, S.C. on 02/20/2024. Singleton was last seen wearing black leggings and a black zip up hoodie.




Missing Juvenile Desiyah Phillips

Desiyah Phillips

Desiyah Phillips (DOB: 12/25/2007) was last seen on 02/08/2024 on Hester Ct. in Columbia, S.C. 29223. Phillips was last seen wearing black sweat pants, a black hoodie, white air force ones sneakers and is wearing braids in her hair.




Missing Juvenile -Eric Acosta

Eric Acosta

Eric Acosta (DOB: 08/04/2008) was last seen on the 300 block of Rolling Knoll Dr. Columbia, S.C. It is not known what Acosta is wearing.




Missing Juvenile -William Hasley

William Hasley

William (DOB:06/13/2007) was last seen on 0/11/2024 on the 800 Block of Sunseeker Dr. Chapin, S.C.




Missing Juvenile Jareon Jackson

Jareon Jackson

Jareon Jackson (DOB: 10/04/206) was last seen on Broad River Rd. Columbia, S.C. on 07/25/2023. Jackson was last seen wearing a white shirt and  multi-color shorts.




Missing Juvenile Zonnie Valentine

Zonnie Valentine

Zonnie Valentine (DOB: 01/12/2007) was last seen on 03/07/2023 on Hardwood Dr. Columbia, S.C. 29229. It is not known what Valentine was wearing when last seen.




Missing Juvenile Ryan Hayward

Ryan Hayward

Ryan (DOB: 09/25/2010) was last seen on 10/10/2023 on Judy St Columbia, S.C.




Missing Juvenile Isabella Nunez

Isabella Nunez

Isabella Nunez (DOB: 12/05/2008) was last seen on 07/09/2023 on Fore Ave. Columbia, S.C. It is not known what Nunez is wearing.



Missing Juvenile Fabiola Azucena-Rax-Macz

Fabiola Azucena-Rax-Macz

Fabiola Azucena-Rax-Macz (DOB:07/09/2005) was last seen in August 2021 on Humphrey Dr. Columbia, S.C. 29223. It is not known what Macz as wearing at the time she was last seen.



Missing Juvenile Azytiana Anderson

Azytiana Anderson

Azytiana Anderson (DOB: 11/08/2005) was last seen on 01/29/2023 on Water Hickory Way Columbia, S.C. Anderson was last seen wearing a black shirt, black jeans and black shoes. Anderson has black and gold braids in her hair.



ssing Juvenile - Autumn Veal

Autumn Veal

Autumn (DOB: 06/03/2009) was last seen on 10/28/2022 on Fernview Dr. Columbia, S.C. 29229. Veal was last seen wearing a white crop top and pink pants with the word “Princess” on them.



Missing Juvenile Emori Brown

Emori Brown

Emori Brown (DOB: 12/20/2007) was last seen on Rainy Ct. on 08/18/2022. Brown was last seen wearing a pair of white and purple Jordan’s sneakers.