File a Report About a Deputy

The Richland County Sheriff's Department is committed to ensuring that its employees perform their duties with professional competence and discipline. The integrity of RCSD is enhanced by open communication between citizens and the department.

Therefore, all complaints, whether by citizens or employees, will be accepted and fully investigated. At no time should an RCSD employee discourage, intimidate, or otherwise coerce anyone desiring to file a complaint. However, persons filing false or frivolous reports are subject to criminal prosecution.

Complaints may be made in person, in writing, via email, over the telephone or through the form below.

Those filing complaints who provide us with their address will receive, via US Mail, a letter of acknowledgement confirming the complaint was received. At the conclusion of the investigation, the complainant will be notified that the investigation has been completed.

To schedule a time to make a complaint, please contact Captain Michael Prichett at 803-576-3177 or fill out the provided form below.

Please note: After filing an online complaint, you will be contacted by Internal Affairs. Complaints will only be investigated after the complainant provides a sworn statement to IA.

If you caught just the first or last name, please type it above. Otherwise, type unknown.
It can help us identify the deputy easier.
Doesn't have to be specific address. Cross streets or nearby businesses are acceptable.
Approximate time of when the incident took place - mm/dd/yy - and times - hh:mm - (24 Hour clock)
Please provide as much detail as possible leading up, during and after the incident.