Code Enforcement


What is Code Enforcement?

Code Enforcement is a service provided by Richland County Sheriff's Department to ensure compliance with County Ordinance. While providing for overall health, safety and welfare of the community, Code Enforcement's focus is to maintain community standards.

What We Enforce:
Lt. Frieda Brown

Lt. Frieda Brown

Unlicensed Vehicles – Any motor vehicle that is required to be licensed which (1) does not have a license plate or (2) has an expired license plate, is considered an unlicensed vehicle. All such vehicles must have a valid license plate unless they are parked in a garage or carport.

Inoperable Vehicles - Any motor vehicle that is not (1) capable of operating in accordance with South Carolina law or (2) capable of moving under its own power is considered an inoperative vehicle. All such vehicles must be operable unless they are (a) parked in a garage or carport.

Overgrown Lots- A lot or yard is considered overgrown when weeds or rank vegetation is allowed to grow to a height of one (1) foot in height, or briars and trailing vines exceed ten (10) feet in length. This ordinance applies to any lot or parcel of land in a developed residential area or commercial area within the unincorporated portions of the county. This ordinance does not apply to bushes, shrubs or trees.

How are complaints received? Code Enforcement responds to complaints from citizens, community groups and other agencies. Systematic inspections are also performed throughout the County in an effort to keep developing situations from becoming worse. An individual may register a complaint by calling Code Enforcement  at 803-576-1429 or by email at . You are not required to give your name or provide any other personal information.

How are complaints handled? A Code Enforcement Deputy will be assigned to investigate each complaint for its validity. Once this is established, a violation letter is posted on the property owner's door if no one is home. The property owner then has fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of notification to correct overgrown lots. Unlicensed and inoperable vehicles have thirty (30) calendar days to be corrected. Complaints are logged into our Code Enforcement database and rechecked during and after the above periods. Property owners should contact the Code Enforcement Deputy upon receipt of the violation letter.

Note: Repeat violations that occur within any 12 month period can be issued a citation immediately and / or in the case of vehicles be towed at the owners expense.

Extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis. Non-compliance results in a citation being issued, requiring a court appearance. In addition, vehicles in violation may be towed, and lots may be cleared and a lien placed on the property.

Contact: 803-576-3141
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (excluding holidays)