Youth Services

It is said that children are our most precious resource, and ensuring that they are placed on a path to success has been one of Sheriff's Lott's priorities.

But before they can succeed, they have to be educated. That can be done through our various Youth Services programs.

Teens can join programs such as the Junior Explorers or the Explorers Post 601, which aims to develop and shape our young people into becoming responsible adults and exposing them to the law enforcement field by teaching them discipline, leadership and accountability.

Parents who are seeking programs that will help reroute their trouble children can enroll their children in the BRIDGE Program, which aims to motivate and accelerate juveniles in Richland County who struggle or need a boost in the classroom or home due to behavior or loss of focus.

There is also "CAMP L.O.T.T.” — which designed to curb at-risk behavior by utilizing mentoring, physical training and life-skills sessions — the J.U.M.P. (Juveniles Under Motivated Pressure) Start Program for challenged youth — which aims to reduce delinquent behavior among our youth.

Pictured are juveniles participating in a Youth Services Program
Pictured is Capt. Michael Pearson

Capt. Michael Pearson
Youth Services Major

Pictured is Sgt. Terrance Acox

Lt. Terrance Acox
Youth Services Lieutenant

Youth Services Programs

• BRIDGE Program
• Camp Clean Up
• Camp L.O.T.T. (Leading Our Troubled Teens Boot Camp)
Explorer Post 601 Program
Junior Explorers
• RCSD Mentoring Matters Program

• Healthy Choices Program
• J.U.M.P Start program (Juveniles Under Motivated Pressure)
• Next Step Program
• Parent Workshop
• Youth Arbitration
• Youth and Parent Empowerment Academy