Civil Process Division

The Civil Process Division of the Richland County Sheriff's Department is a unique division in that the Sheriff is mandated by law to serve all civil papers received from any court of record.

The service of Civil Process is one of the most important functions performed by the Sheriff's Department and deputies assigned to serve civil process shall do so in accordance with South Carolina State Law and Departmental policy. In addition to courts of record, the Civil Process Division serves civil papers for all Richland County Magistrates.

If you require the services of the Civil Process Division to serve a civil paper for you, certain fees are required by statute and must be paid prior to any attempt of service.

Typical fees being charged are as follows:

Summons/Complaint $15.00
Summons/Petition $15.00
Claim & Delivery $25.00
Writs of Assistance $25.00
Distress Warrants $25.00
Orders of Seizure $25.00
Executions $25.00
Mechanics Liens $15.00
Attachments $15.00
Decrees $15.00
Subpoenas $10.00
Summons for Arbitration $ 5.00

Civil Process Mailing Addresses:

Regular Mail:
Attn: Civil Process Division
P.O. Box 143
Columbia, SC 29202

Civil Process Division Physical Address:
Richland County Sheriff's Department Annex
2500 Decker Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29206


Overnight Mail:
Attn: Civil Process Division
5623 Two Notch Road
Columbia, SC 29223

The Civil Process Division can be reached by phone at (803)576-3151 or (803)576-3152