K-9 Unit

The purpose of the K-9 Unit is to provide the citizens of Richland County with trained police service dogs to help locate illegal drugs, apprehend fleeing felons, detect explosive devices and find lost/missing persons. To accomplish this, the unit utilizes eighteen police service dogs. With the exception of one electronics detection dog and one explosives detection dog, all of the dogs are full-service dogs, meaning they are trained in multiple skill sets: drug detection or explosives detection, tracking, patrol. Each dog has proven on numerous occasions to be an asset to the department and the community as a whole.

Each dog must be trained and certified/re-certified in all trained skill sets. As officers must be continuously trained in law enforcement, so must police dogs. Most of the training is conducted by the unit’s handlers and trainer several times a week. The K-9 Unit also invites other agencies to attend training sessions to assist in the training of their dogs, as Richland County has one of the most respected and successful K-9 Units in the state.

Police Dog Keep Away

Sgt. Josh Newsom

Sgt. J. Newsom
K-9 Bali

Dep. Ellison & K9 Kiro

Dep. A. Ellison
K-9 Kiro

Dep. John McDevitt & K-9 Sonny

Dep. J. McDevitt
K-9 Sonny

Deputy McLamb & K9 Max

Dep. T. McLamb
K-9 Max

Dep. Kory Mayo & K-9 Jax

Dep. K. Mayo
K-9 Jax

Dep. Samantha Ramirez & K-9 Kodak

Dep. S. Ramirez
K-9 Kodak

Dep. Jeffrey Rustin & K-9 Sindia

Dep. J. Rustin
K-9 Sindia

Dep. William Taylor

Dep. W. Taylor
K-9 Kobe

Dep. A. Wooten

Dep. A. Wooten
K-9 Riko

K-9s Assigned to Specialized Units

Lt. G. Becker & K-9 Rocco

Fugitive Task Force
Lt. G. Becker
K-9 Rocco

Sgt. W. Cavanagh & K-9 Biko

Fugitive Task Force
Sgt. W. Cavanagh
K-9 Biko

Sgt. Gavin Walmsley & K-9 Emy

Region 7 / Community Relations
Sgt. G. Walmsley
K-9 Emy

Inv. W. Cobia & K-9 Buddy

Special Response Team
and Bomb Squad

Inv. W. Cobia
K-9 Buddy

Inv. C. Radford & K-9 Oakley

Special Victims Unit
Inv. C. Radford
K-9 Oakley

Deputy Merriman & K-9 Rudy

Special Response Team
Deputy S. Merriman
K-9 Rudy