These cases are, as of yet, unsolved. Most of them lack but a single clue to link them together. It is possible that YOU may provide that one link to the chain of Justice.

If you have any information on "cold" or unsolved murder cases, please call us at (803) 576-3000 or any of the contact numbers listed above. Together we can bring relief to tragic situations and bring the guilty to justice.


Cold Cases

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Dowl Thompson
Larry Gainey
Gene Mincey 
Jeff Fuller
Carl Craig
Dottie Cronise

Case Number 1129800000  
Incident Date 11/29/1980
Victim O'Boyle, Eugene
Incident Location Rabon road down from railroad tracks
Victim was last seen 05/27/1980 by acquaintances. Victim's vehicle was found burning on 5/29/1980 at Parklane Rd and Hwy 555 (Farrow Rd.) Victim's skeletal remains were found 11/29/1980 off Rabon Rd.

Case Number 0430800001
Incident Date 04/30/1980
Victim Roland, James
Incident Location Rt 1, Box 81-A, Blythewood SC
The victim's body was discovered inside his home in the dining room. No forced entry to the home was determined.

Case Number 1209799001
Incident Date 12/09/1979
Victim Gurganus, John
Incident Location Hwy 176 and Deerfield Road area
Victim was found murdered in his burning vehicle. Victim as last seen at the AmVets Club on Two Notch Rd. in Dentsville and left between 11pm and midnight on 12/08/1979.

Case Number 1230789001


Incident Date 12/31/1978
Victim Gilmore, Patricia and Gilmore, Tyrone
Incident Location Southern Drive
Both victims were strangled to death.

Case Number 1231780001
Incident Date 12/30/1978
Victim Crooks, Ruby and Duda, Joe
Incident Location Rt 1, Box 89, Blythewood, SC (Langford Rd)
Victims were found murdered in the home. No forced entry was found.

Case Number 0912780000
Incident Date 09/12/1978
Victim Weston, Evelyn
Incident Location Dirt Rd off Hwy 12 (Percival Rd prior to Hwy 53 (Bookman Rd)
Victim's nude body was found lying on the side of the road.

Case Number 72-10760
Incident Date 07/24/1972
Victim Miles, Clarence
Incident Location 433 Liston Lane
Victim was murdered as he left his house early in the morning.

Case Number 0311720000
Incident Date 03/12/1972
Victim Riley, Beatrice
Incident Location Woods near 1541 Atlas Way Rd
Victim was reported missing on 03/13/1972 and her remains were located 03/26/1972. She had been murdered.

Case Number 0223720000
Incident Date 02/23/1972
Victim Loftis, James
Incident Location Kayo gas station at railroad tracks on West Beltline
Victim was working when his body was discovered, robbery may have been a motive.

Case Number 1103713452
Incident Date 11/03/1971
Victim White, Carrie
Incident Location 5405 Knightner Street
Victim was found murdered inside her home.

Case Number 68-2089
Incident Date 03/31/1968
Victim Bundrick, Arthur "Marvin"
Incident Location Field off Clayton Rd. in Hopkins, SC
Victim was found murdered, lying near his vehicle in an open field.

Case Number 64-438
Incident Date 04/16/1964
Victim Williams, Virginia
Incident Location Wooded section off Piedmont Ave.
Victim's partially nude body was discovered after being reported missing three days earlier.


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