These cases are, as of yet, unsolved. Most of them lack but a single clue to link them together. It is possible that YOU may provide that one link to the chain of Justice.

If you have any information on "cold" or unsolved murder cases, please call us at (803) 576-3000 or any of the contact numbers listed above. Together we can bring relief to tragic situations and bring the guilty to justice.


Cold Cases

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Dottie Cronise

Case Number 0716932043
Incident Date 07/16/1993
Victim Young, Claudette
Incident Location Clarkson Rd and Weston Road
The victim's skeletal remains were found after victim was reported missing. Victim was last seen on 04/16/1993 in a yellow Cadillac by several witnesses..

Case Number 0927922027
Incident Date 09/27/1992
Victim Canzater, Regina
Incident Location West Beltline Blvd between Colony Apartments and  Railroad Tracks
The victim was found deceased beside the railroad track behind Washington Carver Village (Colony Apts.)

Case Number 0808922005
Incident Date 08/08/1992
Victim Campbell, Barbara
Incident Location Montgomery Lane and Lykesland Trail area - Hopkins
The victim was reported missing on or about the first of August from the Atlas Rd area. She was discovered by deer hunters.

Case Number 0726911019
Incident Date 07/26/1991
Victim Lee, William
Incident Location 113 North Shorecrest Drive (L&B Inc, company)
The victim was found inside business where he was working late hours making wooden crates when he was murdered. Scene indicated a struggle may have occurred.

Case Number 0106911054
Incident Date 01/06/1991
Victim Thomas, Ronald
Incident Location 613 Rockwood Road
The victim was found murdered in his home with no signs of forced entry to residence..

Case Number 1201903064
Incident Date 12/01/1990
Victim Patterson, Wilbur
Incident Location 1650 Carnegie Street
The victim was found murdered in his cab with the engine running.

Case Number 1122902039
Incident Date 11/22/1990
Victim Gibson, Hope
Incident Location Lower Richland Blvd. near Bluff Rd
The victim's body was located about 100 feet off Lower Richland Blvd..

Case Number 1104891074
Incident Date 11/04/1989
Victim Bush, Jessie
Incident Location Pisgah Church Road near Hwy 21
The victim's body was discovered near his vehicle on a hardly used dirt road.

Case Number 1023893002
Incident Date 10/23/1989
Victim Smith, Eula
Incident Location 1715 Bluff Road
The victim was found murdered inside her residence.

Case Number 0222893053
Incident Date 02/28/1989
Victim Martin, James
Incident Location 1800 block of Winyah Drive
The victim found alongside roadway.

Case Number 0510871036


Incident Date 05/10/1987
Victim Green, Patricia
Incident Location Hwy 378 (Sumter Highway) near McIntire Air Base
The victim's body was found lying in a drainage ditch.

Case Number 0213871009
Incident Date 02/13/1987
Victim Smyth, Patrick
Incident Location Near Killian Community Store on Hwy 555
The victim was out of state truck driver and his body was discovered near his burning truck..

Case Number 1025841019
Incident Date 10/25/1984
Victim Crowe, Dwight
Incident Location Jaco's Bar on Rosewood Dr. across from Fairgrounds)
The victim's body was discovered behind the business after it had closed.

Case Number 1003843040

Incident Date 10/03/1984
Victim Woods, Joe Luther
Incident Location Quality Inn on Broad River Road
The victim's body was discovered in the parking lot.

Case Number 03100111


Incident Date 05/17/1981
Victim Floyd, William
Incident Location Columbia, SC
Victim was beaten by two suspects armed with baseball bats.

Case Number 0317820000
Incident Date 03/17/1982
Victim Nowell, Rosezena
Incident Location 1007 Denton Drive
Victim was reported missing by her husband. Victim's skeletal remains were located off St. Matthews Road in Hopkins on 04/27/1982.

Case Number 1230800046
Incident Date 12/30/1980
Victim Hayes, Jack
Incident Location Rt 5 Box 226 (Hwy 321)
Victim was found murdered inside his home.

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