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Cold Cases

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Case Number 0105982026

Solved 2006

Incident Date 01/05/1998
Victim Myers, Kevin A.
Incident Location Woods near 4900 Brickyard Road
Victim was reported missing 01/05/1998 but was last seen 12/13/1997 at 5712 Randall Ave Apt. D. On October 29, 1998, skeletal remains were located.

Case Number 0924976304

Solved 2010

Incident Date 09/24/1997
Victim Antoine Jones
Incident Location  
The victim was reported missing after traveling from North Carolina to South Carolina for a Christening. The victim’s body was never recovered; however the victim’s vehicle was located saturated with his blood. NOTE: there is still an outstanding warrant pending for Errol West for Murder. West’s co-defendant has been charged and pled guilty.

Case Number 0628973001
Incident Date 06/28/1997
Victims Washington, Leon and Parnell, George
Incident Location 712 Crane Church Road
The victims were reported missing on 6/28/97 from 712 Crane Church Road. They were last seen in Washington’s 1986 Cadillac. On 7/1/97, Washington’s Cadillac was found off of Hwy. 215 in Fairfield County. On 11/16/97, deer hunters found the skeletal remains of both victims off Crane Church Road.

Case Number 1215963046
Incident Date 12/15/1996
Victim Scott, Edward
Incident Location 1212 Newnham Drive
The victim was killed and found in the hallway of his residence. No forced entry was found. The victim was last seen at a local ATM machine with an acquaintance.

Case Number 0901961046
Incident Date 09/01/1996
Victim Carlos, Donald
Incident Location Purple Rain Club - 200 Block Sharpe Road
Victim was killed as he was crossing the street when he left the club. Unknown motive.

Case Number 0817963023
Incident Date 08/17/1996
Victim Robinson, Jack
Incident Location Rosewood Boat Ramp

Jack Robinson

Just after 6:00 PM on Saturday, August 17, 1996 at 611 Rosewood Drive,  deputies responded to an assault; victim was found stabbed at the Rosewood Boat Landing. Victim was transported to Palmetto Health Richland Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Victim and suspect were believed to be acquaintances; a verbal altercation over money became physical. Suspect had stabbed the victim in the upper body.

Investigators in 1996 developed a lead and composite sketch still believed to be that of the suspect. Suspect is described as a Hispanic male with Olive complexion, he was 25-35 years of age (now 42-52), approximately 5’5” tall, 150-180 pounds, black hair, and a mustache.

Case Number 0209962067
Incident Date 02/09/1996
Victim Hubbard, Bennie
Incident Location 3615 Percival Road Lot 95
The victim was found murdered by family members after no contact with victim for several weeks. Victim last seen alive around Super Bowl weekend..

Case Number 0606953016
Incident Date 06/06/1995
Victim Zuniga, Howard
Incident Location Richards Street
The victim was found murdered on the dirt portion of Richards Street. It appeared the victim may have been at a different location and dropped off. Robbery may have been the motive.

Case Number 1023942030
Incident Date 10/23/1994
Victim Perry, Deborah
Incident Location 1020 Chartell Circle (Cul-de-sac)
Victim was more than likely killed elsewhere then dropped off in cul-de-sac.

Case Number 0822943028                         case added to website 4/2012
Incident Date 08/22/1994
Victim Burden, Mary
Incident Location 220 Dry Branch Dr., Hopkins SC
The victim was found beaten and deceased in a field located behind her residence as 220 Dry Branch Dr (Hopkins, SC). This case is still open.

Case Number 0731941070
Incident Date 07/31/1994
Victim Robertson, Glen
Incident Location 1144 Bush River Road (Matador Inn parking lot)
Victim was found assaulted and unconscious in parking lot and transported to hospital. Victim never regained consciousness and died 08/03/1994. Victim was found approximately 6:30 - 7:00am.

Case Number 07201994
Incident Date 07/20/1994
Victim Tharpe, Julian
Incident Location 10111 Garners Ferry Rd. (Hot Spot)
Victim was apparently assaulted and died. Unknown motive.

Case Number 0306943076
Incident Date 03/06/1994
Victim Green, Kemmy
Incident Location 250 Springtree Circle (Springtree Apartments)
Victim was killed by two unknown black males as victim was leaving apartment building going to his vehicle. One of the suspects fled scene in victim's vehicle which was abandoned on I-277 near Farrow Rd.

Case Number 0221941040
Incident Date 02/21/1994
Victim Heath, Jean
Incident Location 8137 Baysprings Road
The victim was found under crawlspace of her home. There was evidence that some type of violent encounter occurred inside the house, however no forced entry to the house.

Case Number 0131943055


Incident Date 01/31/1994
Victim Robinson, Ian
Incident Location 400 block of Meeting House Road
The victim was found in the roadway deceased. The victim was from Miami.

Case Number 1213932037
Incident Date 12/13/1993
Victim Oree, Teresa Anne
Incident Location Corner of Wakefield and Roosevelt Drive
Victim was found deceased in the back yard of a vacant house.

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