R.E.A.D.Y. Program

The R.E.A.D.Y.  Program  (Richland County, Educating, And Deterring, Youth)  is an extension of the Crossroads Program, which was introduced in 2008 for students displaying behavior problems. The students were brought by their parents to the Sheriff's Department and taken on a tour of the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center followed by a presentation from the Richland County Coroners office for a "reality check".   

More than three hundred young adults have gone through the Crossroads Program and the vast majority of those students have stayed out of trouble.


As successful as the Crossroads Program has been, parents are still reaching out, voicing that there is still work that needs to be done with our youth. The common response from parents evaluating the Crossroads Program; request an overnight stay at a correctional facility to further get the message across. As a result, the program appropriately titled R.E.A.D.Y., has been implemented for students (ages twelve to sixteen) to have an overnight stay inside of a jail cell located at 1701 Main Street in Columbia. 

R.E.A.D.Y. was implemented in order to reduce delinquent behavior concerning our youth as well as giving them a reality check on how life will be if they continue down the wrong path. Participating youth will be monitored the entire evening by Richland County Deputies. At the conclusion, the Richland County Sheriff's Department Gang Unit will talk with the students about their experience and what they need to do in the future to avoid a real trip to the facility. 

The process for signing a student up the READY Program are as follows: 

  • Parent or guardian must pay an administrative fee of $10.00 (which covers cost of jail jumper, and dinner) The fee is $20.00 for out-of-county residents.

  • Parent or guardian will bring the student to Richland County Sheriff's Department Headquarters located at 5623 Two Notch Road on that Friday evening at 4:00 PM and retrieve their child the next day (Saturday morning) promptly at 5:30 AM from the same location.

  • Parent or guardian MUST attend a mandatory two hour Next Step Program workshop from 4:30pm to 6:30pm after they drop their child off.

If there are any questions, parent or guardian may contact Cpl. Acox (803-309-1399).

Scheduled Dates:

Males -  TBA

Females -  TBA

Permission slips will be available at the front desk of RCSD Headquarters. (5623 Two Notch Rd.) Prior to scheduled dates.

Participation in R.E.A.D.Y is first come, first serve basis and there will only be eleven students allowed to sign up at a time.    


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