Deputy Advisory Council

The Deputy Advisory Council was formed to encourage open communication between the Sheriff and all divisions of the Sheriff’s Department to improve overall morale and effectiveness of the department.

The mission of the Deputy Advisory Council is to bridge the gap between all divisions of the department, the command staff, and the Sheriff. To ensure the dissemination of information; address the overall concerns of each division; and to improve the morale and professional accountability of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

The Deputy Advisory Council convenes every month, and the Sheriff sets the agenda for each meeting. The Council makes recommendations that effect the department and has the full support of the Sheriff. 

The Deputy Advisory Council is comprised of one (1) representative from each unit, section, division, and/or region of the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff appoints members to the Deputy Advisory Council after the recommendations and endorsements from current Deputy Advisory Council members are offered.

Membership on the Deputy Advisory Council lasts for a period of two (2) years. If a deputy is transferred to another unit, section, division and/or region of the agency, and there is already a representative serving on the council from that area, the Sheriff will decide which deputy will continue to serve on the council. Years of service will alternate, so as not to replace the entire council at one time.

When necessary, the Deputy Advisory Council may form small research groups tasked with researching a specific topic to present to the larger group. The Vice Chairman is tasked with member selection and coordination of these small research groups.

The Deputy Advisory Council may elect to invite a specific group of people from the department to attend some meetings, i.e., Captains, Lieutenants, etc. This decision is made by the members of the council, and published in the minutes from each meeting along with the location for the next meeting.

Current Deputy Advisory Council Members:

Name Division
Cpl. Robert Furgal Region 1
Cpl. Brittany Mahler Region 2
M. Dep. Ryan Moore Region 3
S. Dep. Deon Hardy Region 4
DS3 Charles Culp Region 5
Cpl. Joshua Robinson Region 6
Cpl. Garrett Owens Region 7
Dep. Thomas Browne Region 8
Cpl. Marcus Kim Community Services Division
S. Dep. Barron Williams School Resource Officer Division
Sr. Inv. Robbie Crane Criminal Investigations Division
FTO LaQuan Sumpter Professional Standards Division
Beth Oates Administration Division
S. Dep. Joshua Newsom Operations Division
R.D. Philip Prynne Reserve Deputy
Kelly McMillan 911 Communications
Maj. Harry J. Polis Jr. Chairman
Capt. Maria Yturria Secretary
5623 Two Notch Road 
Columbia, South Carolina 29223 
(803) 576-3000 phone (803) 576-3195 fax

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