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"PRO ACT "- Professionalism, Accountability, Coordination and Teamwork.

In support of the mission of The Richland County Sheriff's Department, we have built an inter-departmental communication and operating system that holds all personnel to a high standard and expectation of success; based on these three fundamental principles. This premise is based upon the COMPSTAT philosophy utilized by the Los Angeles and New York Police Departments.

The Pro ACT concept is built upon the analysis of crime statistics and data. It also promotes proactive crime prevention initiatives. Each division, unit and officer is accountable for preempting crime in our communities, through community awareness, education and proactive policing strategies. Each division, unit and officer is accountable for addressing the fear of crime and the crimes that occur though applications of interactive and proactive policing.

The uniform personnel and regional investigators are assigned specific communities and responsibilities. The accountability for the development of community partnerships is shared by the regional command and the community services division. The internal collaboration between the regional command and community services division increases community awareness programs, community education programs, enforcement operations and reduces crime.

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