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The primary function of the RCSD Fugitive Task Force is to aggressively target and seek out violent and dangerous offenders and career criminals who are wanted. The intended outcome of this effort is to increase public safety through the location and apprehension of such violent fugitives. Experience and specialized skills are crucial requirements for Fugitive Investigators performing this function due to the violent individuals that are targeted and confronted regularly. The unit frequently assists and works alongside members of the U.S. Marshals Service, FBI, Secret Service, and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division as well as other local agencies.

There are currently nine Fugitive Investigators assigned to RCSD's Fugitive Task Force. This includes a 1st Sergeant and a Senior Corporal. The task force is broken down into three teams with each team focusing on outstanding warrants of a specific nature.

The Warrant Division is responsible for receiving, processing and distribution of all warrants in Richland County. The Warrant Division maintains control of all General Session and Family Court Bench Warrants and all warrants that are entered into the National Crime Information Center data base. All other type warrants are delivered to other regions for service.

Captain: Dave McRoberts
First Lieutenant: Rickey Griddine
George Becker
1st Sergeant: James Lawson
Sergeant: J. Britt, Norman Jenkins
Corporal: Warren Cavanagh
Senior Investigator:
Investigator: S. Kilcoyne, T. Reese
Senior Deputies: D. Jones, W. Gadson
Administrative Personnel: Ruth Carr, Jee Adoonglarng, Donna Rice
Part Time Admin Personnel:
Golden Stars: Chip Brown, Renee Prince


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