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Field Training Officers

Capt. Rachel Flowers

Capt. Rachel Flowers was born in Tucson, Arizona and was raised in Southern California, until her family moved to Lexington in 1989. She holds a BS in Business Administration from Southern Wesleyan University. After graduating with an Associate Degree from Anderson College, where she was a dual sport athlete (softball and volleyball), she began her law enforcement career in 1996 with the Cayce Department of Public Safety as a public safety officer (police/fire). In 1998, she joined the Lexington Police Department where she worked as a shift Sergeant, Bike Patrol Unit supervisor, and a Training Instructor. In 2001, she joined RCSD as a patrol deputy and began to work in the Training Division in 2002. Capt. Flowers has always had a passion for teaching and is honored to be able to integrate this passion into her career.

Lt. Ronn Thompson
Adm. Training Coordinator

Lt. Ronn Thompson's law Enforcement career began in 1971 with the Lumberton, NC Police Department, and includes two years with the Robeson County, NC Sheriff's Department. Ron Served with the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety for 20 years, and held the positions of SWAT Commander and Training Officer until he retired with the rank of Captain in 1999. Ron is a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy, and holds a dual Master's Degree in Management and Human Resource Development from Webster University. Lt. Thompson holds the positions of Training and Auxiliary Manpower Coordinator within the Training Division.

Lt. Dominick Pagano

Lieutenant Dominick Pagano joined the US Army at 17 years of age. He served with the US Army 82nd Airborne Division as a Parachute Infantryman. He completed two overseas tours and several other Campaigns. After active duty in the military he did several more years in the US Army Reserves. To further his education he attended collage and studied Criminal Justice and Physical Fitness/Dietetics, he also was a regular student of Mixed Martial Arts. He took a position as a Correctional officer in Maximum-Security Prison to build experience and to further his training and his education. After receiving some more education and experience he took a position as Fitness Director and became a Reserve Officer with Richland County Sheriff’s Department. He ran and trained instructors by day at the gym and worked the road by night as a Reserve Deputy. He also wanted to continue Military Service and joined the South Carolina State Guard. He continued his tactical training by attained some of the best tactical schools around and After several years as working as a Reserve Deputy and State Guard member he went full time with the Sheriffs Department. He continued to advance his education by attending many schools and instructor courses. He is currently a Senior Training Instructor for the Sheriffs Department and the South Carolina State Guard, ware he proudly serves both. Lt. Pagano is involved with training many federal, state and local agencies and groups.

He Currently trains such groups as the: Richland county Sheriff’s Department, the US Army, SC National Guard, SC State Guard, SC Force Protection, State Agencies, Reserve officer, Citizens groups and local Churches and community programs.


Class 1 Law enforcement
Joint Alcohol Enforcement / SLED
Reserve Officer SC
Corrections Officer

Instructor Certifications and Training

  1. Physical Fitness/Nutrition Instructor

  2. CPR /AED Instructor

  3. SCCJA Field Training Manager

  4. SCCJA Basic Instructor

  5. SCCJA Driving Instructor

  6. SCCJA Firearms Instructor

  7. SCCJA Select Fire/Patrol Rifle Instructor

  8. SCCJA Ground Defense Instructor

  9. SCCJA Defensive Tactics Instructor / Including Baton

  10. SCCJA Spontaneous Knife Attack Instructor

  11. PPCT   Defensive Tactics Instructor

  12. PPCT   Use of Force Instructor

  13. PPCT   Knife Defense Instructor

  14. ALERT Active Shooter Instructor

  15. SPEAR Instructor (Spontaneous, Protection, Enabling, Accelerated, Response)

  16. Paramilitary Attack Counter Offensive  Plan Instructor (PACOP)

  17. SABER O/C Instructor

  18. TASER/ ECD Instructor

  19. MPID Master Instructor (Carbon Arms)

  20. STOP STICKS Instructor

  21. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Instructor, US Army

  22. Colt Armorer

  23. Mossberg Armorer

  24. Tactical Rail Interdiction

  25. Defense Tech Wall Banger Instructor

  26. Defense Tech Specialty Impact Munitions Instructor

  27. Defense Tech Chemical Munitions Instructor

  28. Defense Tech Distraction Device Instructor

  29. SC Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor

  30. Ballistic Shield Instructor/Advanced Applications

  31. Field Force Operations/Riot Control/Civil Disorder Instructor

  32. NRA Basic Instructor

  33. NRA Pistol Instructor

  34. Defensive Driving Instructor

  35. Hazmat Operator CDP

  36. Combat Lifesaver

  37. Type 1, 2 and 3 Advanced SWAT Operations for Terrorist Environments 160 Hours

  38. Prevention of and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents,  Instructor

Additional Training:

  1. Emergency Medical Training                        

  2. Un-Armed Combat Training                          

  3. Special Response Training                              

  4. Distraction Devices                                        

  5. Special Medical Aid and Rescue Training (Tactical Ops)      

  6. Tactical Breaching                                          

  7. NRA Tactical Patrol Rifle                             

  8. NRA Shotgun                                                

  9. Tactical Close Quarter Combat                      

  10. Extraction                                                        

  11. Chemical Munitions                                      

  12. SCDOC Corrections                                      

  13. SCCJA Basic Law Enforcement                    

  14. SCCJA Reserve Officer

  15. SLED Joint Alcohol Enforcement

  16. SLED Personal Protection Training

  17. US Secret Service Personal Protection Training

  18. SCSG Personal Protection Training

  19. US Army Infantry School

  20. US Army Parachute School

  21. US Army NBC School

  22. US ARMY Jungle Warfare Training

  23. BDCC Criminal Justice

  24. BDCC Dietetics

  25. MAST Naval Operations

  26. MAST Water Craft Operations

  27. Special Weapons And Tactics

  28. TCCC -Tactical Combat Casualty Care / US ARMY

  29. Leadership and Development US Army

  30. Leadership Senior Management level ( Burriss Corp)

  31. Advanced Leadership and Development RCSD

  32. Advanced Leadership Viking International Leadership from the shadows

  33. Tactical Mindset Training Viking International

  34. Tactical Repelling

  35. Tactical Fast roping

  36. Hostage Rescue Entries and Extractions

  37. Explosive Breaching for Law Enforcement Tac Operations

  38. (MACTAC) Multiple Assault Counter Terror Assault Capabilities


Sgt. Larry Croft

Sgt. Larry Croft's law enforcement career began in 1990 with the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. In 1991, he joined the Camden Police Department as a patrolman and later served as a patrol sergeant, In 1997, became an instructor in firearms. He joined the Richland County Sheriff's Department in 2003. In the patrol division, in 2004 became a member of the Community Action Team (CAT) and Sheriff's Department Bike Patrol, serving both teams for 3 years. In 2007, promoted to Lance Corporal in the Training Division as a Field Training Officer. In 2009, joined the Training Division Staff as an instructor. Cpl. Croft is a certified Instructor in several areas including:

OC Sprays
Ground Defense
PPCT Defensive Tactics
Firearms Training Systems ( F. A. T. S. )
P-90 Armorer
Mossburg Shotgun Armorer
Colt Rifle Armorer
First Line Leadership Program
Field Training Officer Management Program


Corporal Joseph Chapman

Corporal Joseph Chapman began his law enforcement career with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in 2006. He served in Region 5 as a Class III Deputy until he finished obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology from the University of South Carolina. He then came to road patrol in Region 4 as a Class I Deputy. Chapman has also served time in Region 7 and in Region 2 as a Master Deputy before becoming an FTO in December of 2011. In May of 2013, Chapman joined the Training Division as an Instructor and was promoted to Corporal.  Cpl. Chapman holds many certifications to include: Specific Skills Instructor, OC Instructor, FTO Manager, Defensive Tactics Instructor, SKD Instructor, Ground Defense Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Glock Armorer, DMT Operator, SFST Instructor, Active Shooter/Threat Instructor (FLETC), and Driving Instructor.  Cpl. Chapman currently serves as the Field Training Program Manager, as well as assists with New Hire Training, In-Service Training, and the Leadership Development Program.


Corporal Trobathian Johnson

Corporal Trobathian Johnson

Corporal Deputy III George Medlock

Corporal Deputy III George Medlock

Instructor David Black

Instructor David Black has served in law enforcement for 37 years; for 18 as an instructor at the SC Criminal Justice Academy and presently for the RCSD Training Division. This has enabled him to share his accumulated knowledge and expertise with both new and experienced officers.

Instructor Bill McKinzie

Instructor Bill McKinzie

Instructor Lewis Marshall

Instructor Lewis Marshall has been in Law Enforcement since 1968. During his service in Law Enforcement, he has been certified as an instructor in Defensive Driving, Forensic Hypnosis, Kingian Nonviolence and Police Canine Trainer. Lewis also teaches the public about drug abuse in kids today, use of Hypnosis in Law Enforcement and how to recognize the occult.

Instructor Philip Prynne

Instructor Philip Prynne is a Senior Reserve Deputy and Instructor. He spent over 8 years in the Navy in electronics and also with Naval Special Warfare.  He became a part time employee in 1997 with Richland County Search and Rescue teaching SAR Operations,  Land Navigation, Wilderness Survival, and Rope Rescue Operations. He is also a RCSD Citizens Academy Alumni. In 2003 he became a Reserve Deputy and is a current board member and instructor. He is currently a Handgun/Shotgun/Patrol Rifle Instructor, OC Instructor, Chemical Munitions, Distraction Devices, Explosive Breeching, Less Lethal, Taser X26 Instructor, PPCT- Defensive Tactics and Spontaneous Knife Defense (SKD) Instructor and a Glock Armorer. He is also a Sergeant in the S.C. State Guard Caisson Detachment that honors the military and law enforcement officers at funerals throughout the state of South Carolina.


Instructor Terri Williams

Instructor Terri Williams' law enforcement career began in 1981 with Columbia Police Department as the Chief’s Administrative Aide.  She became a Deputy with Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department in 1988, and in 1993 became a Physical Training and Defensive Tactics Instructor at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.  After retiring from the Academy in 2006, she joined Richland County Sheriff’s Department’s Training Division, where she is currently serving as a Deputy on a part-time basis.  Her primary responsibilities include working with newly-hired recruits in Defensive Tactics training prior to their Basic Training, JSO, FTO, and SRO assignments. 

Deputy Williams holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Master of Criminal Justice, both from the University of South Carolina. 



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