Sheriff Leon Lott is proud to introduce “Crossfit” as the latest addition to the Department’s efforts of health and wellness for the Deputies who serve our communities.

For the last 15 years Sheriff Lott has worked to create a sound physical fitness and health and wellness program for the Department.  The Sheriff’s goal is to make sure that all the employees at the Sheriff’s Department have the tools, resources and support necessary to return home from work every day. Law enforcement is a high stress, physically and mentally demanding profession – the Sheriff believes that it is his responsibility to make sure that all of the deputies are equipped to handle those rigors.

Sheriff Lott adds that by requiring physicals every year, by providing health screenings, proper diet objectives and by providing support and resources toward the deputies’ health and wellness, that Richland County will have the most professional well rounded agency anywhere. An additional tool, “Crossfit”, will go a long way toward this effort.

Crossfit has proven to be a successful holistic fitness program. The Sheriff’s Department has seen what “Crossfit” can do in the results of Deputy Scott Puckett's participation and ultimate win in the national Television Show "One Man Army"... and the Department's first place finishes in the 2011 Police Olympics. In addition- the overall improved health of several deputies who recently began utilizing “Crossfit” as their fitness regime.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department “Crossfit” program prepares Deputies for the unknown and unknowable – training for inevitable confrontations that can come with the dangers of police work.  Sheriff Lott added that “Crossfit” is applicable to law enforcement because it is specific fitness training that mirrors what the deputies do everyday.

“Crossfit” is an additional tool and resource that Deputies can take advantage of – it is taught by Deputies for Deputies.


The training and fitness recommendations herein are based on field experience and research, and developed from the military and law enforcement agencies, and as well as an analysis of the results we see here at Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

1) The mind is the primary not the body (mental toughness produces confidence, and the intestinal fortitude to win the fight)

2) Outcome-based training (train for an objective, we train for performance on the job, outside the gym)

3) Functional training (high degree of transferability, transferable training does not isolate muscles, thus the movements need to relate to the task at hand)

4) Strength Focused training (our strength training is aimed at the athlete’s legs, hips and core)

5) Power-to-weight ratio training (you must be able to carry the engine; high relative strength)

6) Train all energy systems (emphasis on strength, but not at the expense of the work capacity and endurance)

7) You are a operational athlete (operational athletes use their bodies to make a living)

8) Nutrition is the foundation for all successful training (eat with an objective in mind)

9) Recovery is more than 50% of the battle

10) Durability for a long career (by increasing power-to-weight ratio, core strength, hip and shoulder mobility, we aim to make our athletes more durable)

We didn’t invent the physical fitness wheel. In Our programming and exercise selection is drawn from subject matter expects to include but not limited to Mark Twight, Rob Shual, Mark Divine and all of the service men and women overseas and domestically, who served or are still serving our country. These individuals help us grow and improve through their insight, knowledge, explanation, and innovation.

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