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In keeping with the objectives of proactive policing, Sheriff Leon Lott has deputies specially trained and assigned to The Richland County Sheriff’s Departments Bicycle Patrol Unit. Sheriff Leon Lott has the Bike Patrol Unit focus on being a visible deterrent to crime and an approachable source of assistance and information for our citizens. The Bike Patrol Unit is an excellent form of Problem Solving Policing; as it can be a stealthy crime-fighting tool.

Sheriff Lott encourages the Bike Patrol Unit to work closely with business owners and citizens to help develop solutions to law enforcement-related problems. The flexibility, approachability and problem-solving interaction of the Bicycle Patrol is consistent with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department's focus on Community Policing and our mission of “Building Unity in the Community”.


Members of Bike Patrol participate in community activities and events. The Bike Patrol Unit can hold bicycle safety seminars in your community. Children are able to identify with and communicate easily with bike officers, not only because the deputies are not in patrol cars, but also because the kids can see themselves riding bikes, just like the deputies. Bike Patrol deputies can mingle easily with crowds, and can see over the heads of most pedestrians and over most vehicles. The bikes also provide speed and mobility through crowded or narrow streets.


The Bike Patrol is a special unit, within the Sheriff’s Department, under the direction of the Reserve Deputies. Each Bicycle Patrol officer (including supervisors) must complete a rigorous 40-hour Bicycle Certification class before joining the unit.


Class A certification will only be granted if a minimum of 40-hours, or 5 consecutive days of mountain bike training covering the following areas of instruction are given, and the student successfully passes a written and practical examination on these areas.

Nutrition and Fitness
Saddle, knee, hand, and foot injuries
Slow speed balance drills
Hypothermia and dehydration
Effective Cycling
Training rides
Accident prevention
Safety equipment, uniforms, and accessories
Proper bicycle fit.
Emergency braking
Police technical skills: Cross-over Drills©, Cross-Over Exit©, Cross-Over Take-down©, Powerslide Exit©, Push off Cross-Over©, Kickstand Exit©, and Look over Drill©.

Students must pass the written examination by a score of 80% and practical exercises must be successfully performed and passed to the satisfaction of the instructor(s) teaching the course.

Students must: be able to successfully "Exit" the mountain bike safely and quickly, be able to demonstrate a full emergency braking using the front brake only, the rear brake only, and both brakes, demonstrate a safe and quick simulated arrest of a suspect on foot, and complete training rides using effective cycling techniques to pass this course.


Bicycle Patrol deputies ride specially equipped "mountain bikes". These heavy-duty bikes are strong enough to withstand being ridden day after day, often over curbs or down stairs, through inclement weather, and still provide reliable and safe transportation. The bikes are equipped with headlamps and reflectors as well as a back rack and carry-case.
Bike Patrol deputies wear a special bicycle uniforms with shorts during summer and dark fatigue trousers during the winter.


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