Gang Graffiti

A) BK- Blood Killer ( used to disrespect Bloods, who use "CK", Crip Killer.)
B) Spray painted hand sign for Eastside Gangster Crips.
C) LA the origin of the Crip, Bloods, and Piru, gangs .

Gang member's use of hand signs is called "stacking." The name "cesar" identifies the gang member who did the grafitti.
A) The 74 represents the position of the letters "G" and "D" in the alphabet. The letters GD stand for Gangster Disciples, a Folk Nation branch gang out of Chicago.
B) The Star of David, pays respect to David “King David” Barksdale who was the leader of the Devil’s Disciples, a gang from the South Side of Chicago in the 60's and 70's. The letters on the points of the star stand for Love, Life, Loyalty, Understanding, Knowledge and Wisdom.
C) The eight ball shows the unification of the Crips and The Folk Nation.
When the hand signs for Crips and the pitchfork are brought together, they form an 8-ball.
A.) "Pirus" stands for Piru Bloods.
B.) The "pitchfork" represents Crips and / or Folk Nation
C.) The "x" over the pitchfork is a "dis" to the Crips from the Bloods

This shows that the Crips / Folks marked this as their territory. The Bloods came in and clamed it as theirs, taking it from the Crips / Folks. The current gang of this area is Bloods indicated by the "Pirus" graffiti being placed above the pitchfork.